Taylor Swift albums as cassette tapes

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  1. thanksforsayingthat:

    SHAKE IT OFF gives me ENERGY.


    Like seriously.

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  2. itslikewedontremembertherain:


    it’s #1 in country but I’m so confused because the genre is labelled as pop

    this is actually hilarious

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  3. A day after becoming a pop artist Taylor has already broken pop records!

  4. fortuneandfames:

    on repeat until the end of time

  5. kaylakoalas:

    raise your hand if you already memorized all the lyrics to shake it off


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  7. http://takingitssweettime.tumblr.com/post/95196192225/dropeverythingsnow-taylor-isnt-being-racist


    taylor isn’t being racist because she’s not trying to join black culture or assimilating in her music video, the video is about dance and hip hop is a style of dance. most people don’t read the ideas behind music videos so we all need to be patient with that.

    also don’t…